Circular Economy by 2040: A roadmap from the Ministry of the Environment

27 initiatives were put forth to achieve the proposed goals, grouped around four main lines of action: circular innovation, circular culture, circular regulation and circular territories.

In 2019, the Ministry of the Environment, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy, the Production Development Corporation and the Sustainability and Climate Change Agency initiated the development of a broad participation process that led to the publication of the Roadmap for a Circular Chile by 2040.

The participation process involved various stakeholders in different instances, including 4 regional early participation workshops, a Strategic Committee comprised of 33 collaborators from the public, private, academic and civil society worlds, 11 thematic tables with the participation of more than 140 contributors, as well as all the people who submitted their suggestions and comments in the citizen consultation process that took place after the publication of the previous version of the document (PROPOSED NATIONAL ROADMAP TO A CIRCULAR ECONOMY FOR A WASTE-FREE FREE CHILE).

The roadmap’s vision is that, by the year 2040, regenerative circular economy will drive Chile to a sustainable, fair and participatory development, that puts the well-being of people at the forefront; this, through the conservation of nature and its living beings, responsible and efficient management of natural resources, and a society that uses, consumes and produces in a sustainable and conscious way, fostering the creation of green jobs and opportunities for people and organizations throughout the country.