Eleven startups selected for the Venture Client SOFOFA Hub March 2023 cycle

  • We received 75 applications from around the world and selected companies from Chile, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, and the United States. 
  • In the upcoming weeks will announce challenges for the August 2023 Cycle.

We selected 11 startups in the Venture Client SOFOFA Hub March 2023 cycle after a meticulous process that included the applications of 75 companies from all over the world, the interview process, and the presentation of proofs of concept (POC).

Among the 11 companies selected, there are 4 from Canada, 3 from Chile, and one from Germany, Belgium, France, and the United States. 

The Venture Client SOFOFA Hub program launched the challenges of the March 2023 cycle intending to find technological solutions to the needs of the companies Agrosuper, CMPC, Molymet, and Pucobre (Hub partners).

These were the challenges of the first semester and the companies selected to solve them:

  • CMPC: efficient construction of rural road → RMS (Chile), Cypher environmental (Canada) and Aggrebind (United States)
  • CMPC: forest inventory solutions with digitalization → OCELL (Germany)
  • Pucobre: automated detection and extraction of non-minerals elements in mining operations → Metheore (Belgium) and Robotia (Chile)
  • Pucobre: real-time particle size analysis for mines → Motion Metrics (Canada) and Innovaxxion (Chile)
  • Molymet: minimizing water loss due to evaporation in industrial cooling systems → Terrapin Geothermics (Canada) and RHST (Canada)
  • Agrosuper: energy efficiency in industrial plants, with focus on refrigeration systems → Clauger (France)

These companies have already started the proof of concepts stage, the coordination, and field visits to start working on the implementation of the solutions.

“We are pleased with the received applications and the progress we have made in the Venture Client SOFOFA Hub March 2023 cycle. In the upcoming weeks, we will be launching the August cycle and invite interested companies to stay updated through our social media channels,” said Mariana Thielemann, Entrepreneurship Manager at SOFOFA Hub.