We are a team that seeks to foster a collaborative business culture to promote sustainable business development. Our role is to articulate different talents coming from universities, research centers, entrepreneurs, as well as stakeholders from the public and private world, to jointly address industry’s and the country’s main challenges.


We connect people, bring worlds together, and build a common future through collaborative spaces among companies. Our role is to articulate existing development capacities in Chile and the world to serve our country’s main challenges.


We seek opportunities and transform them into tangible projects. This requires the rethinking of processes, the development of new capabilities, the search for new experiences, and the linking of different talents, to enable us to learn and imagine new ways of working together, to tackle the challenges of circular economy and climate change.


Innovation is not limited to the creation of new technologies, but rather to the development of a mindset that allows us to better adapt to the current times, becoming aware of the need for a new collaborative model among companies, that is also resilient and sustainable.

Our board

Rosario Navarro

Presidenta de SOFOFA

Sebastián Ríos

CEO Pucobre

Manuel José Casanueva

Consejero SOFOFA. Vicepresidente GTD

Carolina Torrealba


Juan Manuel Santa Cruz


Gonzalo Guerrero

Presidente de SQM

Edgar Pape

Presidente Ejecutivo de Molymet

Nicolás Uauy

Consejero SOFOFA

Álvaro Fisher


A new model for a new Chile

Chile has begun a new stage in its development. A stage in which the country is aware of the need for a new model for resilient, sustainable and collaborative growth. It is here that addressing the challenges related to climate change and circular economy becomes decisive for our country’s future. Neither government, companies, nor civil society will be able to find sustainable solutions on their own. We hope to contribute solutions to these challenges, which we have placed at the core of our sustainable business development strategy.

  • Alan Garcia, Executive Director